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Fênix Agro Brasil

Taking from Brazil to all countries in the world: Soybean Meal, Soybeans, Soy Oil, Sugar, Live Cattle of excellent quality.

Our Values

Quality of Service

Working on bringing high-quality processes & products to our customers


Up-to-date to international standards & knowledge about the market


Foccused on creating solutions based on our partners & customers needs

About Us

 Fênix Agro Brasil has started as a consultancy company and it was founded by Vera Felipe, who got to know agribusiness through her national/international business travel, and through her networking.

Agribusiness has been growing and increasing the Brazilian GDP.

Fênix represents the overcoming of a woman who believes in her country, taking the quality of her products to the international market. Long-term partnership with our suppliers enhances quality and excellence in customer service. Talk to us to learn more about our solutions. Certainly, our team will be more than ready to help you with your needs.

Our Products


Soybean meal is an industry by-product, obtained from the soybean crushing. It is used for animal nutrition, since it contains a great content of protein, being also used as a source of metabolizable energy.

Refined soybean oil is extracted from the legume Glycine Max and subjected to the refining and deodorization process.

Application: Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal feed, veterinary, agricultural pesticides, among other uses.
Packaging: Flex tank or 900ml and 2 liter bottle.

Live cattle for export
Brazil stands out in the livestock market, not only in the export of beef, but also in live cattle. When the cattle arrive at the port, in trucks with up to 80 animals, an inspection is carried out by the Federal Revenue and Federal Police, which allows entry.

ICUMSA 45 sugar is the best quality sugar available on the market today. IC45 sugar is a highly refined, bright white sugar suitable for human consumption and use in a wide variety of food applications.


Fênix has been specializing in the Islamic world, to serve this strong community more efficiently.
Certification enhances our work and ethics with our suppliers and customers. HALAL is lawful, correct, based on principles and values ​​that benefit humanity.

Green Seal Recognition 

SEAL GREEN certifies the ecological, socio-environmental quality of the product or service that has the support of civil society. It is provided to companies that can prove that their life cycles are eco-friendly. FÊNIX AGRO was selected as one of the companies to receive this recognition.

 The Green Seal research aims to:

(a) Check the companies that have Operating Licenses issued by Environmental Agencies such as Municipal, State and Federal, recognizing that they are adequate to the required evaluation criteria, as well as the Environmental policy;


(b) Encourage companies to produce, and improve technologies aimed at Sustainable Development, combining Technology with Environmental Preservation;

(c) Encourage the pursuit of Environmental Licensing, in order to ensure full compliance with legislation.

(d) Encourage carbon neutralization projects, with the aim of neutralizing the emission of greenhouse gases by people and the companies themselves.


Business Partners